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Augmented Reality

Bring your products, packaging and the world around employees and consumers to life with your own branded AR app.

Deliver videos, games, 3D models, digital helpers, commercial opportunities and much, much more to smartphones and tablets around the world with this “must have” technology.

Our team of content creators, designers and developers will tailor the right AR package to meet your needs.

View the images below and scan with the ooh-AR 3D app for sample AR content.

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Video editing


4K ultra HD video produced and delivered by a professional team of researchers, scriptwriters, videographers and editors. Project-managed from start to finish and great value for money.

Find out how short videos can hammer your messages home, deliver news and instruction and provide a straight to sale route for consumers via interactive augmented reality. Create an amazing experience around your product or service using the power of AR.

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Animated gingerbread man


Engaging, entertaining and informative short animations... ideal for Augmented Reality launch and social media campaigns. Start a buzz and watch those hits and shares go through the roof.

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Staffs Fire Welephant

3D Modelling

CGI isn’t just for Hollywood! Your mascot or a bespoke character, 3D modelled and brought to life by our experts and triggered by your product or as a digital helper in your shops, offices, training centres or hospitals.

Let a digital helper launched by AR take the strain of keeping visitors and customers up to date with interactive offers to “Find Out”, “Join In”, “Buy Now” or much more.

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AR is about much much more than entertainment. AR triggers in manufacturing or service environments can improve internal communications, deliver important operational, maintenance and safety information and boost efficiency.

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Replace reams of paper for induction or training with an innovative AR campaign see those engagement rates rocket. We’ll create the content to hook your colleagues into understanding, learning and completing the package.

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